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Upcoming Projects

A long time dream of Mike was to write a book. He began his book in 2008 but put it down after realizing that practicing what he preached was a key motto in his life. As years passed he discovered he was ready to continue and now has 2 books on the list. 

First Book - A pair of shoes that turned into Love

A children book series that he is writing with his wife Josie. There first book is about Mike's journey on a mission trip for three years where his kids connected with the kids in true need and how two worlds came together to create a place of love in their hearts. 

It has been a long time dream since Mike left on his first mission trip in 2013. 

Second Book- The Watermelon Sandwich - A Simple Way

A book about intertwining food and life. Mike reconnects food and puts it at the forefront of life and gives you a spark in your heart and soul in allowing food to be the inspiration. 

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