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Organic Home Garden

Our Story

      Our company stems from the name itself. The Watermelon Sandwich name derived from its simplicity in a time where gratefulness, joy, community  and authenticity was at the forefront of everyday life. 

We want to umbrella our company around the idea of giving good to our world. Whether it is a product, books, podcast, wellness or events, the goal will always be the same, "good".

Everything we do, it is authenticity that will be clear in all we do. 


Our goal at The Watermelon Sandwich is simple. Be good and do good. 

Citrus Fruits

"Food Starts with elements perfect and whole, and if you approach it with passion, gratitude, creativity and care, you can make something truly magical out of it".

Michael Gallo -

Food in the Hills Magazine




“ Once you ease the mind, the idea of simplicity becomes more clear”.

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